Meet the Coders


Hopper has had a pretty terrible first day of school.  First, her mom forced her to move.  Second, her new school is so creepy, it reminds her of a haunted house.  Third, a group of boys acted like complete jerkfaces when all she was trying to do was say hi. But one of the boys, a kid [...]


Eni is really, really good at basketball. He's the star of the Stately Academy boys' team. He comes from a basketball family-- his three older sisters play on the girls' team, his mom played in college, and his dad barely missed making the NBA. But Eni's beginning to realize that he's also really, really good at coding. [...]


Josh probably doesn't mean to be a jerkface, but he is.  He likes making fun of people, mostly because he's really talented at it. But when his best friend Joshie moves away, Josh realizes just how lonely being a jerkface can be.  Can he make up with Hopper, the new girl he's tormented relentlessly?  Will his former friend [...]

Mr. Bee

Mr. Bee is Stately Academy's janitor.  He's cranky and private and doesn't like kids.  He also has an army of robot birds and turtles to do his bidding. When Hopper, Eni, and Josh stumble on Stately Academy's secret, they put themselves squarely in the cross-hairs of Mr. Bee and his robot minions.  Will the kids be able to break [...]

Little Guy

Little Guy is a robot turtle.  Hopper and Eni find him hidden in a janitor's closet.  He's little, but he's awesome.  He can draw and understand code and he even has a keyboard and screen tucked away in his shell. Little Guy speaks Logo, an ancient and all but forgotten programming language invented decades ago by a group [...]